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We are documenters, story tellers, artist, creatives, and your friend!

These moments only happen once, and we are here to freeze time. We make films and photos that will become family heirlooms. 


Below are a few projects that we have had the privilege to work on over the past few months. 

Tish Rivera 

Emily & Rylan

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Cheyenne & Mallek

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James & Caitlin

Eudy Family

Alex Khale

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Hunter Phifer

Issac & Sydney


Meet Julian

From being a kid, until now I have always had a camera in my hand. Growing up I would take pictures on my grandpas polaroid and my mothers first digital camera, a Kodak! Over the years the cameras may have changed, but the passion to keep creating has not. When you invest in my services, I invest in you! I want every client to walk away with more than just a film, but a family heriloom as well. 

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Julian Coley

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Charlotte, NC ~ Wilmington, NC

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